2nd International Conference on Pediatrics & Child Care

Jun 25 - 26 2020     Holiday Inn Athens Attica Av, Airport W., Athens, 19002, Greece,Athens, Greece

Conference Theme: Exploring The New Horizons in Pediatrics

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Conference Information

2nd International Conference on Pediatrics & Child Care

Date & Venue: June 25-26, 2020 | Athens, Greece


Dialling number: +31 208 080 653

WhatsApp number: +31 649 708 123

Medical Conferences cordially invites you to attend the esteemed conference “2nd International Conference on Pediatrics & Child Care” which will be held during June 25-26, 2020 in Athens, Greece

The sessions and topics of this event will be revolving around the theme Exploring The New Horizons in Pediatrics. Pediatrics 2020 will be a unique and international blend of big and small companies, leading universities, research institutions and hospitals.

This CME accredited event aims to promote continuous medical education and encourage a nourishing exchange of facts and ideas about the Health of Infants and Children. This will be the best chance to impact the biggest convention of members from the Pediatricians. Pediatrics Health Meeting will see an amalgamation of expert Pediatricians, Scientists, Researchers, Professors, Pediatric Nurses, Pediatric doctors, Gynecologists, Educators, Physicians, Surgeons, Pharmacists and other healthcare professionals along with various entrepreneurs and exhibitors. The Organizing Committee of Medical Conferences cordially invites all the people who are interested in the up-gradation of the healthcare requirements of pediatric patients suffering from health disorders. We will all aim for a better and brighter future of a healthy childhood.

Target Audience:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Healthcare Analysts
  • Medical Students
  • Patients
  • Scientists and Professors
  • Biomedical Engineers
  • Research Scholars
  • Academic Scientists
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Medical Representatives
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Nobel laureates
  • Investment Analysts
  • Association, Association presidents and professionals

Associations and Societies

  • Directors, CEO's, CFO's & Business Entrepreneur Managers
  • Chief Scientific Officers
  • Training Institutes
  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Directors of Association and Societies


What is in stock for everyone at the conference?

For Researchers and Faculty Members

  • Speaker Presentations
  • Poster Display
  • Symposium hosting (4-5 member team)
  • Workshop organizing

For Universities, Associations & Societies

  • Association Partnering
  • Collaboration Proposals
  • Academic Partnering
  • Group Participation

For Students and Research Scholars

  • Poster Competition (Winner will get Best Poster Award)
  • Young Researcher Forum (YRF Award to the best presenter)
  • Student Attendee
  • Group Registrations (Good discount provided for groups having 10 or more members)

For Business Delegates

  • Speaker Presentations
  • Symposium hosting
  • Networking opportunities
  • Audience participation

For Product Manufacturers

  • Exhibitor booths
  • Sponsorships opportunities
  • Product launch
  • Workshop organizing
  • Scientific Partnering
  • Marketing and Networking

Highlights for the Pediatrics Conference 2020:

Track 1: Pediatrics Health

Track 2: General & Clinical Pediatrics

Track 3: Neonatology & Perinatology

Track 4: Pediatric Cardiology & Hematology

Track 5: Pediatric Oncology & Radiology

Track 6: Pediatric Neurology & Psychological Disorders

Track 7: Pediatric Nephrology and Urology

Track 8: Pediatric Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Track 9: Pediatric Endocrinology & Diabetes

Track 10: Pediatric Nutrition & Breast Feeding

Track 11: Pediatric Pulmonology & Respiratory Disorders

Track 12: Pediatric Immunology, Allergy & Infectious Diseases

Track 13: Pediatric Pharmacology

Track 14: Adolescent Medicine: Diseases & Treatments

Track 15: Pediatric Critical Care & Emergency Medicine

Track 16: Child & Adolescent Obesity

Track 17: Child Abuse & Prevention

Track 18: Bioethics in Child Health, Rights & Safety

Track 19: Maternal & Neonatal Health Care

Track 20: Preterm-Birth Complications & Intensive Care

Track 21: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Track 22: Congenital Malformations & Birth Complications

Track 23: Pediatric Nursing

Track 24: Pediatric Surgery

Track 25: Pediatric Vaccines & Immunization

Track 26: Pediatric & Adolescent Dermatology

Track 27: Pediatric Dentistry

Track 28: Pediatric Otolaryngology

Track 29: Pediatric Ophthalmology

Track 30: Pediatric Rheumatology

Track 31: Pediatric Genetic Disorders & Rare Diseases

Track 32: Pediatric Rehabilitation

Track 33: Pediatric Diagnostic Techniques & Therapeutics

Track 34: Behavioral Pediatrics

Track 35: Pediatric Forensic Pathology

Track 36: Neonatal Research

Track 37: Specialists Meetings

Track 38: Pediatric Hospice & Palliative Care

Track 39: Pediatric Regenerative Medicine and Neonatal Stem Cell Banking

Track 40: Physicians, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Nurses & Entrepreneurs

Track 41: Medical and Clinical Case Reports

Track 42: Medical Tourism in Child Care

Track 43: TeleMedicine for Child Care

Scope and Importance:

Pediatrics & Child Care conference contributes to the opportunities to determine advance techniques, research, and developments in the healthcare field of Pediatrics. All over the world these new methods and advanced techniques will be used to ensure the health of pediatrics and children. Pediatrics & Child Care is a perfect platform to expand innovative techniques and novel research trends in Pediatrics and Pediatric Healthcare. Pediatrics is a versatile conference that offers expert diagnosis and treatments for all types of disorders in Pediatrics, Neonates and Adolescents along with offering expert advices for maternal care. With this Annual meeting on Pediatrics, novel ideas and researches will come up with the discussions at the conference and that will be fruitful to children suffering from different types of diseases. This International Pediatric Conference additionally supports the dynamic cooperation of student researchers as we are facilitating Poster Award Competition and Young Research Forum at this meeting.

Why Athens?

As per the surveys undergone, it has been acknowledged that the leading problems for infants and children in Athens were mainly birth defects; prematurity/low birth weight; sudden infant death syndrome; maternal complications of pregnancy and respiratory distress syndrome. Pediatrics 2020 is an international stage for displaying research about analysis, counteractive action and administration of Pediatric ailments, trading thoughts regarding it and accordingly, adds to the dispersal of information in pediatrics for the advantage of both the scholarly community and business. This occasion brings together Pediatrics specialists, Pediatrics surgeon, neonatologists, youngster authorities and all the prominent scientists and specialists in the field of Pediatric prescription to investigate the progressions in the avoidance and administration of Pediatric sicknesses. We unite mechanical administrators, Pediatric Pharma and Health mind segments, Entrepreneurs, making the gathering an ideal stage to organize, share perspectives and information through intuitive discourses.

According to surveys, in Athens, during 2011-2017 (approximately), 79 infants died before reaching their first birthday, an infant mortality rate of 7.5 per 1,500 live births.  In Athens in 2014, the rate of perinatal mortality was 5.6 per 1,450 live births and fetal deaths which have reached 7.5 per 1,450 infant births by the year 2014- 2016. Reflecting this imperative Pediatrics 2020 aims to educate pediatricians, Pediatrics surgeon, neonatologists, and youngsters to achieve the goal of reducing infant mortality rate.

Members Associated with Pediatric Research:

The pediatric research incorporates various fields like Pediatric sensitivity, Pediatric Oncology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Surgery and some more. Each Pediatric occupation involves with their particular theme to enhance youngster human services. In Atlanta alone, there are roughly around 511 pediatricians.

There are a number of generic pediatricians across the globe and Greece. As per the survey records it is being acknowledged that globally 6.90 % are registered pediatricians with a specific specialty.

Universities Associated with Pediatric Research:

In Athens, there are about 25 Universities approximately which include Pediatric research whereas the global survey shows that there are about 1367 universities which include Pediatrics research.

Societies & Associations involved with Pediatric Research:

Academic Pediatric Association

Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses

Academy of Neonatal Nursing

Aimee's Army Childhood Cancer Foundation

American Academy of Nursing

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics Breastfeeding

American Academy of Pediatrics Georgia

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

American Association of Pediatric Urologists

American Board of Pediatrics

American Gastroenterological Association

American Pediatric Society

American Pediatric Surgical Association

American Pediatric Surgical Nurses Association

American Society for Echocardiography Conferences

American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

American Society for Echocardiography Conferences

American Society of Nuclear Cardiology

American Society of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology

American Society of Pediatric Otolaryngology

American Society of Preventive Cardiology

American Trauma Society

Ashley Foundation

Asia Pacific Pediatric Endocrine Society

Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology

ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation

Association of Gastroenterologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association of Nurses in AIDS Care

Association of Pediatric Haematology/Oncology Nurses

Associations for European Pediatrics and Congenital Cardiology

Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation

Belgian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Brain Tumor Foundation for Children, Inc.

British Associations of Pediatric surgeons

British Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

British Society of Gastroenterology

Brooklyn Pediatric society

Bulgarian Association of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists

Canadian Association of Gastroenterology

Canadian Association of Interventional Cardiology

Canadian Nurses Association

Canadian Pediatric Society

Canadian Pediatric Associations

Cancer Fund of America

Cancer Patients Aid Association

Cardiovascular Credentialing International

Child Health International Foundation

Child Neurology Society

Childhood Cancer Foundation

Children's Cancer Association

Children's Cardiology Associates, Texas

Children's Center for Digestive Health Care, LLC

Children’s Leukemia Research Association

Colorado Kids Cancer Association

CURE Childhood Cancer Association

Cyprus Nurses and Midwives Association

Cyprus Society of Gastroenterology

Czech Gastroenterological Society

Czech Pediatric Society

Danish Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Dutch Associations of Pediatrics

Eastern Association for Surgery of Trauma

Eat Right Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Emirates Gastroenterology & Hepatology Society

European Academy of Pediatric Societies

European Academy of Pediatrics

European Academy of Pediatrics Societies

European Association for Gastroenterology, Endoscopy and Nutrition

European Association of Pediatric Education

European Confederation of Primary Care Pediatricians

European Crohns and Colitis Organization

European Pediatric Association

European Pediatric Neurology Society

European Pediatric Surgeons Association

European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

European Society for Neonatology

European Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

European Society for Pediatric Infectious Diseases

European Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery

European Society for Trauma & Emergency Surgery

European Society for Traumatic studies

European Society of Cardiology

European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

European Society of Intensive Care Medicine

European society of Neuogastroenterology & Motility

European Society of Pediatric Dermatology

European Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases

European Society of Pediatric Neonatal Intensive Care

European Society of Pediatric Neurosurgery

European Society of Pediatric Research

European Society of Pediatrics

European Society of Pediatrics Allergology and Clinical Immunology

European Society of Pediatrics Endocrinology

European Society of Pediatrics Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Gastroenterohepatology Association of Montenegro

Gastroenterological Society of Australia

Georgia Hospital Association

German society for trauma surgery

Hektoen Institute

Hong Kong Society of Digestive Endoscopy

Hong Kong Society of Gastroenterology

Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association

Israel Gastroenterology Association

Indian Academy of Pediatrics

Indian Associations of Pediatric Surgeons

International Association for trauma surgery and intensive care

International Association of Pediatrics

International Neonatology Association

International Pediatric Association Zurich

International Pediatric Associations

International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation

International Society of Pediatric Dermatology

International Society of Pediatric Surgical oncology

Italian Society of Pediatric, Italy

Japan Pediatric Society

Japanese Nursing Association

Japanese Society of Gastroenterology

Jordan Pediatric Society

Korean Society of Gastroenterology

National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists

National Association of Neonatal Nurses

National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

National Children's Cancer Society

National Nursing Staff Development Organization

Neonatal and Perinatal Societies

Neuroblastoma Children's Cancer Society

Neuroblastoma Society of UK

North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition

North American Society of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology

Northeast Pediatric Cardiology Nurses Association

Nursing Association of Nepal

Nursing Council of New Zealand

Nursing Ethics Network

Ocular Nutrition Society

Ohio Gastroenterology Society

Orange County Foundation for Oncology, Children and Families

Oregon Dietetic Association

Pediatric Societies Congress

Pediatric Associates of Savannah, Georgia

Pediatric Cardiology Associates

Pediatric Cardiology Associates of WNY

Pediatric Cardiology Medical Associate

Pediatric Cardiology Medical Associates of Southern California

Pediatric Congenital Heart Association

Pediatric Endocrine Society

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society

Pediatric Trauma Society

Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Pediatrics Cardiology Associates of New Mexico

Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom

Philippine Pediatric Society

Priority Pediatrics

Russian Society for Digestive Endoscopy

SIOP-International Society of Pediatric Oncology

Society for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics

Society for Pediatric Anesthesia

Society for Pediatric Dermatology

Society for Pediatric Radiology

Society for Pediatric Urgent Care

Society of Invasive Cardiovascular Professionals

Society of Pediatric Nurses

Society of Trauma Nurses

Southern Society for Pediatric Research

Southwest Medical Association

Spanish Society of Neonatology

The Association for European Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology

The Australian and New Zealand Gastric and Esophageal Surgery Association

The Japanese Gastroenterological Association

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Associates and Practitioners

The Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care Society

The United States Army Institute of Surgical research

The World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons

Trauma Association of Canada

Turkish Society for Trauma and Emergency surgery

Ukrainian Association of Endoscopy

Union of European Neonatal & Perinatal Societies

United European Gastroenterology

Virginia Nurses Online

Visiting Nurse Associations of America

Western Trauma Association

World Association of Perinatal Medicine

Market value on Pediatrics Research:

According to the survey records in Athens, the market value of Pediatric research is $985.10 million. The Greek market value is 3101 and the global market value is 42000.

Market Growth of Pediatric Research in the last and upcoming ten years:

As the number of infant deaths increasing the market growth of Pediatrics research is also increasing yearly. 2013-2016 is being acknowledged as the market value of Pediatrics research globally is $62 billion. The estimated market value in the future of Pediatric research is $79 billion.

Renowned Speakers

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