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We are incredibly grateful to give our presenters, vendors and ​attendees a positive experience they won't soon forget!

In addition to our high quality events, we are honored to offer high quality advertising opportunities in our conference booklets as well.
Printed in high resolution, and of the highest quality materials, our conference booklets are top notch!

Each and every attendee and presenter will receive one of our amazing
conference booklets at our 2020 conferences.
That means, your ad will be in front of hundreds of set of eyes!
This really is an amazing opportunity to showcase your business.

Directly reach an engaged, highly targeted audience for your branding, lead generation and thought leadership strategies.
Access these active buyers and influencers through conference sponsorships, content syndication and advertising:

Software Managers and C-Level IT Executives
Development Managers
Configuration and Application Lifecycle Managers
QA Managers
Industry Consultants and Business Users
Test Engineers
Business Analysts and Requirements Engineers
Project Managers and Leads

Advertising Options

Please be sure to align / orient them properly as Portrait or Landscape following the appropriate suggested dimensions before submission. The final deadlines for submitting your advertisment varies, depending on the event guidelines and dates. Ads must be submitted in High Quality PDF format to

Please reach out to with any questions.
PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse any advertisment we feel to be of questionable or due to its image quality or content.

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