An international Conference on Cancer Science & Stem Cell research 2019

Jul 29 - 30 2019     Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport,Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Theme: Advancement in the Arena of Cancer Science & Stem cell Research

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Speaker's Details


Maryland University


Yantenew obtained his BS in Biology and Chemistry and graduated with honors from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2012. Afterwards, he had spent three years working as a post-baccalaureate fellow in NIH, conducting in-depth research on projects relating to p53, DNA damage repair and cancer. Currently, he is pursuing his PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology under the mentorship of Dr. Cao, associate professor at the department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at University of Maryland, College Park. His research focuses on investigating the molecular mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction and vascular remodeling in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS), a rare premature aging disease. Recently, he successfully differentiated mature vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells from normal and HGPS patient induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and demonstrated mechanisms of functional defects of HGPS iPSC-derived endothelial cells in forming vascular networks.
Moreover, to study the HGPS cardiovascular disease mechanisms, he is developing a 3D in vitro vascular model using iPSC-derived vascular endothelial and smooth muscle
cells that recapitulate the physiological microenvironment of the native tissue.

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