An international Conference on Cancer Science & Stem Cell research 2019

Jul 29 - 30 2019     Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport,Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Conference Theme: Advancement in the Arena of Cancer Science & Stem cell Research

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Speaker's Details

Dr. Janardan Kumar

Professor of Microbiology
Becker College


:  Dr. Janardan Kumar, Ph.D. is the Full Professor of microbiology for last nine years and was the first chair for the department of Natural Sciences at Becker College, Worcester in the United States of America. Before joining Becker College, Dr. Kumar engineered a real time perfusion system, which measures the outflow facility in cadaver eyes ex-vivo, based on the principle of Grant perfusion system developed by WM Grant in 1955 at MEEI, Harvard Medical School, Boston. Significance of this system is to measure the fluid dynamics of aqueous humor more sensitive and accurately, so that even the rate of flow can be measured up to the unit of nl/second. As a former research associate in the laboratory of Prof. Michael Sheetz, he took the challenge of understanding the function of kinectin in intracellular trafficking - the first in the history of kinectin research. Currently, Dr. Kumar is actively engaged in teaching, reviewing manuscripts, and writing editorials.           

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